What is Fios

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What is Frontier FiOS Internet?

FiOS Internet is a fiber optic system composed of thousands of glass strands that can send packets of information almost as fast as the speed of light! It’s so fast, FiOS Internet plans offer speeds up to a gigabit in select areas** – supporting multiple users of the internet at once.

With Frontier FiOS, your Internet service is network ready and almost as fast as the speed of light, meaning you get continuous connectivity with virtually no interruptions or downtime – even during peak usage times of the day.

What can FiOS Internet do for me?

With fast speeds from your new high-speed FiOS plan, simply put, you can do more! This is what Frontier FiOS can do for you:

For Families: With the ability to support multiple users at once, FiOS is perfect for the entire family. Stream movies, share photos, use tablets, and more – all while keeping your high speed.

For Gamers: FiOS from Frontier offers speeds up to a gigabit in select areas** – giving you the edge over your competitors. Don’t let buffering and lagging hold you back!

For Sports Fans: FiOS Internet has transformed the way you watch sports by delivering unmatched clarity and exceptional quality that you won’t get with cable.

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What makes FiOS Better than cable?

Unlike cable Internet, Frontier FiOS uses fiber-optic lines that are made of thousands of glass strands that transfer information quickly – nearly as fast as light. Old-fashioned cable simply can’t compete with the fast speeds, quality, and bandwidth FiOS generates.

With FiOS, high-capacity Internet, high-definition TV, and crystal-clear phone are wired straight to your home and provide you with the highest quality service – even during peak usage times.

What is FiOS TV?

FiOS TV by Frontier offers you crystal-clear, high-definition picture quality and sound for the ultimate entertainment experience! With packages offering more than 400 digital channels, Netflix integration, and 150,000+ on-demand titles, you’ll have access to non-stop entertainment options. Available service options include premium channels and a Whole-Home HD DVR, plus you can watch TV on-the-go from everywhere there is an Internet connection with the FrontierTV mobile app.


When you choose your Frontier internet, phone and TV plans, your price is locked for 12 months.


With a Frontier bundle, you can get your Internet, home phone, and TV plans all on one account.


Mix and match the Internet speeds and channel counts until you have the best Frontier package for you.

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