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What is Frontier FiberOptic Internet?

FiberOptic Internet is a fiber optic system composed of thousands of glass strands that can send packets of information almost as fast as the speed of light! It’s so fast, it can support multiple users of the internet downloading and uploading all at once.

What can FiberOptic Internet do for me?

With fast speeds from your new high-speed FiberOptic plan, simply put, you can do more! This is what Frontier FiberOptic can do for you:

For Families: With the ability to support multiple users at once, FiberOptic is perfect for the entire family. Stream movies, share photos, use tablets, and more – all while keeping your high speed.

For Gamers: Frontier FiberOptic offers symmetrically fast download and upload speeds – giving you the edge over your competitors. Don’t let buffering and lagging hold you back!

For Sports Fans: FiberOptic Internet has transformed the way you watch sports with fast speeds for streaming your favorite games and highlights.

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